Film Production Equipment and Vital Information


With the advent of new technologies, film production equipment and the materialization of digital video as an acceptable medium for film has given anyone the privilege to become a film director virtually overnight. Although the cost of film and film production equipment is still ridiculous, some videoproduction equipment are relatively easy on the pocket and can be mastered without delay. Even if the focus is more on the art film than the right kind of equipment, easy access to video production equipment has motivated many newbies to try film making and give it their best shot. These recent advancement in affordable film production equipment has allowed for independent film to flourish.

It is essential that you take stock of your film production equipment as you set up your video for filming to make sure that you got everything ready for the shoot. To come up with a professional looking film, the most essential video production equipment you need are the following: professional video cameras, stabilization equipment, the lighting equipment, and microphone and audio system. There might be camera support equipment that you need such as dollies, tripods, jibs, cranes, booms and also lifts.

Hire an Experienced Video and Film Production Company for Corporate Videos

film-shootVideo and film production is becoming more and more significant these days. The process involves a lot of things. And an experienced video and film production company will help with you with it all. From the initial planning and scripting to distributing the finished corporate film, yes, a professional video and film production company will be of great help. Just ensure that you are picking up an experienced and professional service provider only, and not a newcomer. Corporate video and film production requires great expertise and technology. Not everyone can do this. So, do take time for finding an ideal company.

These corporate films and videos can be used for various purposes such as internal communication and presentations to the clients. Though a six year old can make a video, you should trust an expert only if it is for your business. A poor quality video may ruin all your reputation. Won’t it? So choose your service provide with utmost care so that you do not have to face any trouble during the pre-production, production, and post production phases. Successful execution of each of these stages is important for an impressive corporate film. And only an experienced service provider can help you in this. Else you may end-up messing around for no good reasons.

Look for a service provider which as a full fledged film production studio and access to equipment like fully automated Jands Vista lighting, permanent green screen for chroma—keying, and other stuff. Do remember to see its portfolio – the kind of work it has done in the past for its clients. An experienced service provider ensures that its clients get the best of services at the lowest of prices. However, for this, you need to do a little bit of market research. At present, there are hundreds of video and film production companies out there; however, it takes time when you look for an authentic, trusted service provider. It is a good idea to look online. All video and film production companies have sites of their own. Browse several top service providers. Compare their offerings. And finally choose the company which offers you the best deal, within your budget.

Hope this article helps you pick up a better video and film production services provider! Do share your comment on this particular article, in the form of comments and/or likes. I’ll come up with more in my next articles.

Stages of Movie Production


As we are all aware, movies are considered as an important art form that entertains, educates, enlightens and inspires the audiences. The visual elements in it do not need any translation which makes it a universal power of communication. The process of making a movie, right from developing the sketch of a story or idea through scriptwriting, shooting, editing and finally releasing it to the audience is termed as movie making. It takes anything between few months to one or two years to complete the project.

Stages in Movie Production:

Development Stage:

Development stage is where a story outline is developed into a feasible script. A detailed screenplay will then be written with minute details of the characters, situations and overall style. Process involved in developing the screenplay is called as script coverage. With the detailed screenplay a potential financier will be approached. When the financier is impressed with the screenplay they agree to give the financial backing for the production of the movie.

Pre-production Stage:

In the pre-production stage, the movie is crafted in detail and a production budget is drawn. It is in this stage the producer hire the crew whose team size depends on the budget of the movie. Big budget movies will have a crew of nearly hundred members where as low budget movie will engage a ten or even less number of crews. The director, assistant director, art director, choreographer, cinematographer, music composer and music director are the main members of the crew.

Production Stage:

Next is the production stage where the film is created and then shot. In this stage the production office recruits more crew members like the property masters, script supervisors, still photographers, sound editors and so on. During this stage the whole unit will be busy, as the crew will be preparing their equipments, actors will be rehearsing the script and discussing with the director, etc. It is a custom widely followed to have a wrap party at the end of the project to thank one and all of the crew teams.

Post-Production Stage:

In the Post-Production stage it is mainly the editor who plays a key role. It is the film editor who assembles the film. The film editor first builds a rough sketch from different scenes or sequences based on individual shots. In the next step, the process of trimming a few minutes or seconds is done to create a professional cut of all shots to make it flow smoothly. After this the producer and director approval will be sought. The locked picture is passed on to develop the sound track to the sound track department. Voice recordings and the ultimate sound mix are created.